Spelling Phonology and Morphology

The Science of Spelling, involves whole-class direct explicit instruction of a systematic and sequential approach. Students engage in regular review to maximise exposures to new and previous learning with all students engaging in repetitive routines, four days a week reducing cognitive load while learning new graphemes and morphemes.

The approach features:

  • whole class explicit instruction
  • a systematic sequence of new learning
  • consistent structures and routines each week
  • independent practice to reinforce new learning

Benefits for students

  • Understanding of phoneme, grapheme correspondence (letter-sound relationships)
  • Understanding of meaning of and within words. E.g. prefix 're-' means to repeat or return, as in 'relearn' or 'revisit'. 
  • Development of understanding of word origins to support spelling and meaning.

The Department for Education has captured Blakeview's recent achievements and produced the following video to support their state-wide implementation of this approach.